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This is our story, warts an' all. We have come this far since May 2004 and survived the bureaucracy, a freezing cold winter, a landslip and a diminishing money pot. Share our experiences, believe me the good ones far outweigh the bad and if you want to ask a question and we know the answer, we'll tell it like it is.

I found this little phrase in a Collins Italian Phrase Book published in 1963 ~ "passa ogni limite" pahs'sah ohn'yee lee'mee-tay which means: That's the giddy limit. Useful if there's anybody out there that quaint!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

DogBlog December

July, 2009

Another sad passing.  This time Monte, the miscreant of the duo with the freckly nose, whose playful growl sounded like a high-pitched rumble and who thought that by contorting his face, sucking in his jowls and shaking his head from side to side he could look threatening and which only served to make him look like he was chewing a wasp, is gone.  We did everything to ensure that we started on the right foot; training them from pups.  We did everything Cesar (Milan) advised.  Taught them to respect the hierarchy of the pack and to know that they are bottom, taught them social skills although they always behaved like hooligans around other male dogs, and taught them not to steal food from the table (difficult when the height of the kitchen surfaces are at their eye level ).  But there was always a problem with Monte, a spark of unruliness that developed into aggression and not premeditated either so that no-one really quite knew what he was about.  There were some quite serious warnings but thankfully no serious outcomes and so after much discussion and with heavy hearts we entrusted him to the angels.  Now, without the influence of his rebel brother, Giorgio has blossomed into an angel, docile and gentle, and has become quite the main attraction in the village with the children and parents alike.  Monte lives on in the rascal in Giorgio's eyes. 

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